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“The Laidley Worm of Spindlestone” Dramas

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The Spindlestone Worm at Bamburgh

The Spindlestone Worm at Belford

The Belford Players produced a community musical performance based on the traditional tale of “The Laidley Worm of Spindlestone”.

The story was set in the time of King Ida, a 6th century king who had his fortress at Bamburgh. Ida’s beautiful daughter, Margaret was turned into an ugly “worm” (dragon) by her jealous step-mother.  The creature survived by ravaging King Ida’s lands.  Not realising what had happened to Margaret, King Ida sent for his son, Childe Wynd, who returned by sea to kill the terrible dragon.  Just in time, the dragon revealed her true identify and was returned to human form by her brother’s kiss.

The drama involved amateur actors and musicians of all ages and was performed at Belford and Seahouses and in the grounds of Bamburgh Castle.

The Spindlestone Worm at Seahouses