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Finale Weekend: “The Great Performing Rope” & “Arty-Facts Show” - 22nd to 25th October 2015

Finale Weekend and “The Great Performing Rope”

The Berwick 900 programme ended with The Great Performing Rope and The Arty-Facts Show, which showcased the skills and imagination of local artists and craftspeople inspired by all the elements of the Berwick 900 Festival.

The Finale weekend opened with massed choirs from Berwick schools performing a specially-composed song All Hands to The Rope and the reading on the steps of the Town Hall of a Young People’s Manifesto devised by local children..  

The Great Performing Rope was an arts project weaving together the stories, histories and hopes for the future that make Berwick unique. Inspired by the town’s history of rope making and the legendary rope walks that residents and visitors to Berwick still remember,

The Great Performing Rope collected the stories, memories and aspirations of the people who know and love Berwick.

A 900 metre rope, wrapped with artefacts and strung with tags displaying the memories, hopes and wishes for the future contributed by people of all ages, was woven through the town’s streets.  At the Quayside, there were rope-based games, storytelling and music throughout the weekend.

The Arty Facts Show and Berwick 900 Timeline

The Arty Facts Show featured the completed Berwick 900 Timeline depicting key events from 900 years of the town’s history, illustrated by local artist Tony Johnson, and the Berwick 900 Wall-hanging, designed by Margaret Kenny around some lines from Dr. Keith Armstrong’s poem Song for Northumberland.

The event was opened by Dr Amrstrong reading his poem, accompanied by Anne Sessoms playing the Northumbrian pipes..

In addition to the Timeline and Wall-hanging, the Guildhall was filled with displays and demonstrations illustrating the wide range of art and crafts activities that had taken place during the Berwick 900 Festival.

The Great Performing Rope

The “Arty-Facts Show”

The Berwick 900 Timeline