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A Community Together

Consett:  An Ironworking Community

This project involved Durham County Archives Service working with Saint Patrick’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Consett.

The children used oral evidence, photographs and material from Durham County Record Office to come up with the ideas for the piece of drama.  

The scenes explored the variety of jobs at Consett Steelworks in its history, the processes and hazards involved, and the impact of the closure of ‘The Works’ in 1980.

Minimal costumes were used so that the physical and emotional story lines would be emphasised.

Consett Local Heritage Group, family members and other people in the community were asked about the role of the Consett Iron and Steel Company in the story of their town.

Based on what they had learned from the experiences of older generations in the town, the children also created a range of writing and artwork for display in the school.

Performance at St Patrick’s School