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Union of The Crowns 400 Arts and Crafts Events

“When Kingdoms Met” Floral Art Festival

8th to 10th August 2003

Berwick and District Floral Art Club staged a spectacular exhibition in Berwick’s 18th century Guildhall.

Each of the 12 specially-created floral arrangements illustrated a particular theme inspired by the history and customs of the Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed and the 400th anniversary of the Union of the Crowns.

The main displays were titled:

“King James VI/I”

“Berwick’s Fortifications”

The Two Queens (Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots)”

“Berwick Bridge”

“Markets and Fairs”

“The Old Port of Berwick”

“King James and Witchcraft”

“The Border Reivers”

“The Crowns of England and Scotland”

“King James’s Entry to Berwick”


“The Riding of The Bounds”

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Local people of all ages took part in a wide range of art and crafts projects to celebrate the themes of Union of the Crowns and cross-Border connections.

During the summer holidays, children at Berwick Children’s Centre created designs for heraldic shields and used papier mache to create a mock Jacobean Banquet complete with boar’s head!

At Etal Horticultural Show on 7th September 2003, there was a special baking competition class based on an original recipe for “excellent small cakes”, which was judged by Jim Herbert from Berwick Borough Museum, dressed in appropriate 17th century style.

Pupils from Holy Trinity First School worked with a professional artist to create a striking mural for their hall, Incorporating designs inspired by the themes of Union of the Crowns 400..

A group of amateur stained-glass artists in Berwick designed panels depicting scenes associated with the Visit of King James in 1603, which are now on display in Berwick Public Library.

Music and drama also played an important part n the Festival, such as “The Wooing of Scotland”, a musical pageant telling the story of the Union of the Crowns and performed at Ladykirk Church by local musicians, singers and schoolchildren.  A. concert was staged by The York Waits in Berwick Parish Church on 5th April and The Maltings Youth Theatre presented a performance of Alexandre Dumas’ “Three Musketeers” on 10th to 12th April 2003.

Methodist Church Flower Festival

27th to 29th June 2003

For three days in June, Berwick Methodist Church was filled with delightful floral displays based on themes associated with the Union of The Crowns.

Art & Crafts Activities

Berwick Schools Art Competition

15th to 19th July 2003

22 paintings on the theme of the Union of The Crowns, created by pupils from Prior Park and Tweedmouth West First Schools, Tweedmouth Middle School and The Grove Special School were displayed in The Maltings as part of the Berwick Art Club’s Annual Summer Exhibition